Today I’ll just write about something that’s got me completly hooked up xD It’s called MUKBANG! I don’t know if this is actually a “trend” in Korea, but i find it quite intriguing and amazing.

Well, let me tell you first of all what this Mukbang thing is about.

The Diva


Wikipedia tells us:

Muk-bang or mukbang (Hangul먹방; RRmeokbang; lit. “eating broadcast”) is a type of performance in which someone eats large quantities of food, while interacting with their audience. Usually done through a webcast, muk-bang became popular in South Korea in the 2000s.[1][2][3] Muk-bangs are also broadcast on television on the channel Afreeca.

The hosts of muk-bangs are referred to as “BJs” (Broadcast Jockey). A BJ will often interact with their viewers through online chatrooms. Many BJs generate revenue through muk-bang, by accepting donations or partnering with advertising networks.[3]


Ok, so, I went to Youtube and found a cute petite Korean girl named “The Diva” (obviously not her real name but her channel’s), super cute, model-looking – skinny- ¬¬’ and having this HUGE amount of food that she sometimes prepared herself or some other times she just orders, and she talks to an audience, because she’s live streaming while eating; but i can’t understand a thing. xD 

Then, Youtube suggests some other BJ’s (yes, that’s the name for these skinny compulsive eaters) xD. They are mostly girls, all of them petite, cute, really pretty.  They take ENORMOUS portions of food in a spoon, and take it just like that into their tiny little hamster mouths. It’s almost physically impossible… xD

At first I thought… well, maybe they aren’t having any liquids whilst eating so it’s easier to digest all that food… but then I realized that all these girls had their food with a 1 or 2 lt bottle of SODA! HOW ABOUT THAT! POoooooooor stomachs.


Anways… why has it drawn my attention to it? I have no idea. Maybe it’s because we don’t have something like this in Chile, (maybe because we eat like this on a daily basis aahahahahah j/k) or because it’s IMPRESSIVE to see these tiny girls eat like elephants and still be able to look soooo thin! , or because I feel I eat so little since I see them eat 3 to 4 cointainers full of food, or because it’s a little like ASMR with their chewing sounds from their tiny hamster mouths. Who knows… xD

Well, I leave you some of the most popular Korean BJ’s here:

Shoogi’s Eating show: (Korean)

왕쥬 Wangju (English subs)

The Diva (Korean) *Popular*

Hanna (Korean)

And a documentary (in English), that tries to show what’s this about:

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you for reading!!!!