“Los 33”

This is the title of the film that tries to take the amazing story lived by 33 miners in the North of Chile back in 2010 into the big screen. For those of you who didn’t hear about this. The 33 miners were trapped inside a mine in Copiapó. They were trapped 700 meters (2,300 ft) underground and about […]

Hello HALO-HALO: It’s Officially Summer in the Philippines! :)

  Here in the Philippines, the moment you see a sudden increase of ice cream commercials on TV, you’ll realize it’s officially summer! 🙂 Aside from hitting the lovely beaches in the country,  eating cold desserts is something to look forward to (at least for me. Hihihi). One of the most popular local cold desserts […]

Introducing C & D :)

For two years now, I’ve been posting purely digitial drawings in my mini drawing blog, Slice of K and Instagram account @sliceofk. Due to my current obsession with watercolor and participation in several art workshops, I missed and decided to go back to using traditional materials once again. I realized it would be really fun to constantly […]

Inspiration today: Yao Cheng

I’ve been crazy about watercolor since I first experimented with it back in 2012… I had no experience whatsoever, and I wanted to try it as soon as possible, but i was scared of making a mess. :p With time I started watching some amazing artists on Youtube, trying to see the materials they used, […]

Washi Tape Love ♥

Our daily Whatsapp conversations are usually about three things – our work to-do list for the day + random errands, art inspirations on Instagram, and FOOD (we’ll post about this in the future!)! Last night and early this morning, we exchanged videos about our art loves — the washi tapes! 🙂 Here are some screenshots […]

The Scribble Workshop by Ink Scribbler

We all have that one hobby or interest that makes us giddy. In my case, I get excited whenever I’m in a bookstore. Aside from books, I go crazy over art supplies like pens, markers, nibs, inks, watercolor pans, and paperrr. This love for writing stuff and the arts has led me to gain interest […]

Chile: Feria de Ilustración Safari

Hoy, y en este preciso momento, la verdad… se está llevando a cabo la Feria de Ilustración Safari. Una reunión entrete de muchos artistas, diseñadores, ilustradores muy talentosos. Yo conocía por instagram a un par de participantes como NatiCerezos o ainatt_ , y fui con Epifanio. Me gustó la variedad de estilos, las ilustraciones y la […]

My Drawing App Crashed :(

Last night, I was so excited to doodle after days of being so preoccupied with other things. To my utter disappointment, my favorite drawing app on iPad suddenly crashed! I had to say goodbye to more than a hundred drawings I have there (some I have saved, some are totally gone!). After talking to Caro over […]

Villarrica Volcano is alive!

Oh my.. it’s all over the news! Villarrica Volcano erupted violently yesterday morning! They had to evacuate lots of families and animals from the zone and thank God there was no losses or tragedies to regret. I just thought I’d share a video and some of the amazing pictures of this beautiful, yet scary, phenomenon. […]