Inspiration today: Yao Cheng


I’ve been crazy about watercolor since I first experimented with it back in 2012… I had no experience whatsoever, and I wanted to try it as soon as possible, but i was scared of making a mess. :p

With time I started watching some amazing artists on Youtube, trying to see the materials they used, the techniques, the way they got their inspirations, etc.

When I made yself an instagram account, I started to follow as many art and design accounts as possible. One od these days I ran into one of the most amazing artists I have ever seen. For some reason, she inspired me in a way I couldn’t imagine. She made me want to try watercolor and dare and paint flowers. Something I had never done before.

Her name is Yao Cheng. This is from her bio at her blog:

Yao is a watercolor artist and designer living in Columbus, Ohio. While she has been painting and drawing since the age of five, her introduction to watercolor really began years ago while trying to explore new mediums and techniques. She fell in love with using watercolor almost immediately and it has since become her signature painting medium! Watercolor provided a visual voice for her creative ideas and inspired her to take the leap and start her own design studio in 2012.

One of the things I love most about her work, is the colors she picks for her compositions. They’re bright, vibrant; in one word, happy. And it’s become my ultimate dream to be able to do something close to what she does.

Here, some of her amazing work:

Taken from her blog:

And right now she has a free class at Creativebug!!! Don’t miss it! You can log in with your facebook account 🙂

Click HERE to watch her online classes.