K’s Top 3 Filipino Superstitions on New Year’s Eve [Happy 2016!]

Happy New Year from the Philippines, everyone!!! 🙂 Our country is 11 hours ahead of Chile so we’ll be ushering in 2016 earlier than Caro! I’ll be leaving her behind in 2015 for a few hours.;) Just to share with you, New Year’s Day in the Philippines is traditionally celebrated with the family. Most Filipinos get together with […]


Today I’ll just write about something that’s got me completly hooked up xD It’s called MUKBANG! I don’t know if this is actually a “trend” in Korea, but i find it quite intriguing and amazing. Well, let me tell you first of all what this Mukbang thing is about.   Wikipedia tells us: Muk-bang or mukbang (Hangul: 먹방; […]