K’s Top 3 Filipino Superstitions on New Year’s Eve [Happy 2016!]

Happy New Year from the Philippines, everyone!!! 🙂 Our country is 11 hours ahead of Chile so we’ll be ushering in 2016 earlier than Caro! I’ll be leaving her behind in 2015 for a few hours.;)

Just to share with you, New Year’s Day in the Philippines is traditionally celebrated with the family. Most Filipinos get together with relatives over midnight dinner called Media Noche. Except for some cities which have totally banned firework displays to prevent injuries and other mishaps, the country also celebrates with different kinds of fireworks believed to ward off bad vibes and evil spirits. Aside from these, here’s K’s list of the top 3 superstitions she has observed through the years.

  1. Wearing of POLKA-DOTTED outfits! Polka dots which are round in shape resemble the shape of coins. This quirky print is worn by many as they welcome the New Year to symbolize abundance and wealth (MONEY!!!). Some place coins in their pockets in an attempt to attract financial wealth as well.
  2. Serving 12 ROUND FRUITS on the table (grapes, oranges, pomelos, etc.). Each round fruit is assigned for each month of the year and this is believed to symbolize good fortune and prosperity.
  3. JUMPING N TIMES as high as you can to get taller. (n times because some say you have to jump three times while others claim it should be twelve!) Crazy, isn’t it? But you’ll see kids doing this as some elders passed on the seemingly silly superstition.

Whether you believe in superstitions or not, what’s important is we welcome the coming year with gratitude and positivity. I personally think we shouldn’t let these superstitions rule over our lives. Nothing can replace discipline, hard work, and strong faith in God to achieve our goals in 2016!

Again, HAPPY NEW YEARRR!!! 🙂 Be happy, healthy, and inspired!