Today I’ll just write about something that’s got me completly hooked up xD It’s called MUKBANG! I don’t know if this is actually a “trend” in Korea, but i find it quite intriguing and amazing. Well, let me tell you first of all what this Mukbang thing is about.   Wikipedia tells us: Muk-bang or mukbang (Hangul: 먹방; […]

Watercolor Therapy

I’ve been down with flu for almost 4 days now and art work and meetings have been put aside. 🙁 I felt so restless yesterday so I popped a double dose of paracetamol to get rid of my headache and forced myself to paint something. This watercolor portrait above was inspired by a Pond’s print […]

RELAUNCHED: Capachitos de Colores on Youtube!

Finally! Caro gave in to some followers’ requests for her to post videos about her artwork and routines. 🙂 She relaunched her official Youtube channel yesterday! What’s great is that the videos are English-subtitled. 🙂 WATCH yesterday’s welcome video below: Hope she includes videos of her song covers (You should hear her sing!!!) soon. 🙂