Quick summary of summer in Viña del Mar

Well well, first of all… hi everyone and sorry. Kate and I have been busy bees ^^’

Right now in Chile we are just coming from the vacations period… January and February are usually the two months were people here go on vacation because of school breaks. There’s a lot of things going on during these months, especially in the 5th region where I live, but in Viña del Mar to be more specific.

Reñaca beach, Viña del Mar
Air view of the Casino de “Viña del Mar” and “Hotel del Mar”

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We had the “Festival de la Canción de Viña del Mar”, as usual, where we can see some “celebrities”, famous singers, not-so-famous singers, and comedians.

The official poster of this year’s festival and  hosts: Rafael Araneda and Carola de Moras

Viña del Mar gets kind of crowded. People come from all over the country to even spend a weekend here. Viña has a lot to offer: beautiful beaches, good restaurants, lovely sightseeing, and most of all… the whole “Festival” atmosphere going on; which is hard to ignore and avoid, since all channels come here and take over the coast. Different TV shows come and settle their TV sets near the coast for a beautiful view of the ocean. People go crazy, they want to be there as audience for the different TV shows. Aaall of this… makes it a liiiiittle hard for the rest of humanity -who’s not that into this “Festival thing”- to go on with their normal lives, go to their jobs, driving, going to the supermarket and so on…

Finally it’s already March and eeeeeveryone – well, almost everyone, is going back to their normal lives. So Viña is more peaceful and enjoyable he he…^.~