Bienvenido! Mabuhay!


Hi everyone! We are Kate and Caro, the Distance-Doodlers!

This month of love, we are more than thrilled to finally launch this joint blog that documents our long-distance friendship. Based in different countries, the Philippines and Chile, we are illustrators who met online because of a shared passion for the arts. Just as our blog name states, we both love to doodle! Through this project, we hope to reach more people like us who find joy in the simplest things and are fueled by passion and optimism. We also hope this will be a venue for us to share more about ourselves, our art, and our countries of origin.

In our early 30s yet very young at heart, we started publishing our very own cartoon characters fondly called K and Mimi (We’ll share more about them here!) through personal blogs and Instagram. As a matter of fact, that´s where our friendship started. Our series of Instagram comments turned into conversations about life and culture and eventually led us to being email and messaging app buddies. We feel like we’re long-lost sisters from different sides of the world!

It’s amazing how an 11-hour time difference is no hindrance to our newfound sisterhood. We experience what it’s like to drive around Manila, Philippines and Valparaiso, Chile without hopping on a plane. We travel through random video clips and photos we constantly send each other. To add to that, we even get to interact with each other’s friends and families! [Special shoutout to Renato* for helping us make this project possible!]  Well, both of us still dream of that day we’ll get to meet in the flesh (and doodle together in a coffee shop!) but for now, we are making the most out of our social media bonding.  Hope you’ll join us in our journey all the way from Southeast Asia and South America! 🙂

*Caro’s husband 😉