TRIVIA: Easter Candies

  I know we shouldn’t let these modern-day symbols overshadow the real meaning of this season. 🙂 May the focus of this day be on Jesus Christ and His ultimate sacrifice. 🙂 Happy Easter again, everyone! Have a meaningful one!

Introducing C & D :)

For two years now, I’ve been posting purely digitial drawings in my mini drawing blog, Slice of K and Instagram account @sliceofk. Due to my current obsession with watercolor and participation in several art workshops, I missed and decided to go back to using traditional materials once again. I realized it would be really fun to constantly […]

Washi Tape Love ♥

Our daily Whatsapp conversations are usually about three things – our work to-do list for the day + random errands, art inspirations on Instagram, and FOOD (we’ll post about this in the future!)! Last night and early this morning, we exchanged videos about our art loves — the washi tapes! 🙂 Here are some screenshots […]

The Scribble Workshop by Ink Scribbler

We all have that one hobby or interest that makes us giddy. In my case, I get excited whenever I’m in a bookstore. Aside from books, I go crazy over art supplies like pens, markers, nibs, inks, watercolor pans, and paperrr. This love for writing stuff and the arts has led me to gain interest […]

My Drawing App Crashed :(

Last night, I was so excited to doodle after days of being so preoccupied with other things. To my utter disappointment, my favorite drawing app on iPad suddenly crashed! I had to say goodbye to more than a hundred drawings I have there (some I have saved, some are totally gone!). After talking to Caro over […]