Washi Tape Love ♥

Our daily Whatsapp conversations are usually about three things – our work to-do list for the day + random errands, art inspirations on Instagram, and FOOD (we’ll post about this in the future!)! Last night and early this morning, we exchanged videos about our art loves — the washi tapes! 🙂

Here are some screenshots of our video exchange. We were like kids showing each other their toys (I only had three, haha!).

Washi Tape Crafts Arts Projects DIY

For those who aren’t familiar with these cute rolls of adhesives, washi (a style of paper made in Japan) tapes are popular in the crafting world. It is used for decorations, packaging, and lots of other stuff. Just type in #washitape on Instagram and you’ll get so many ideas on how to use it. A good roll of washi tape costs around US$2.00 both in the Philippines and Chile. You just have to watch out for the stickiness. Some are just too cute but aren’t sticky enough. 😉

Our trusty Wikipedia says that washi is commonly made using fibers from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub, or the paper mulberry, and can also be made using bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat. The word “washi,” it says, comes from waJapanese‘ and shipaper.’ You will notice that since the adhesive is made out of paper, you won’t need scissors to cut a piece from it. 🙂

Watch this Youtube video by user makoccino with some useful ideas on how to make the most of your washi tape: